Edward's connection to the Hughes family

Taken from the Foulke web site

Edward Foulke married Eleanor Hugh, John's sister. Jane Foulke was a daughter
of Edward and Eleanor. Jane married Ellis Hugh(es) (Generation 2) her first cousin, 
and son of John Hugh. Marrying first cousins in those days was not all that unusual.

1. Edward Foulke b. 05-13-1651, d. 1741 m. Eleanor Hugh (Sister to John Hugh)

1.1 Thomas Foulke b. 16?, d. 1762? m. Gwen Evans
1.2 Hugh Foulke b. 11-08-1693, d. 09-10-1773, m. Ann Williams
1.3 Cadwallader Foulke b. 07-13-1691, d. 07-17-1743, m. Mary Evans
1.4 Evan Foulke d. 1745 m. Ellen Roberts, Anne Coulston
1.5 Gwen Foulke
1.6 Grace Foulke

1.7 Jane Foulke b. 10 Nov. 1684, d. 07 Aug. 1766 m. Ellis Hugh (Son of John Hugh) b. 1687 d. 11 Mar. 1764

1.7.1 John Hugh m. Hannah Boone George Hughes m. Martha Boone Hannah Hughes m. Hezekiah Boone James Hughes b. 12-9-1775, d. 7-27 1867, m. Martha Penrose, b.5-6-1779, d. 8-2-1856 William Boone m. Mercy Ellis Narcissa Boone m. John Henry Woolley Lee E. Woolley m. Bonnie McCutchan Hugh Carlyle Woolley Huntley m. Alice Gertrude Ewing Bonita Ann Huntley m. Eric Johan Salter George Hughes b. 4-Aug. 1803 d.20 July 1885 m. Rachel Taylor Edwin Hughes b.1826 d.1908 m.Mary Sadler Hughes b.1850 d.1933 William Milton Hughes b.1852 d.1863 John Wesley Hughes b. 1853 d.1912 m. Sara E. Vincent

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